We are negotiators in the procurement of bulk raw carbon products, esentially Graphite and Carbon and proccessors of carbon and graphite sections for steel and other associated producers.

Our products:

Graphite pieces & sections

1 : Electrometallurgy graphite pouring slabs

2 : Electric furnace threshold units

3 : Graphite Aluminium extrusion guides.

Carbon sample pieces :

 1 : Holding blocks for electrolysis vessels or cells.

 2 : Siphon blocks for protection & high furnace pouring channels

 3 : Block assembly for high furnace pouring hole:

 4 : Carbon lining for iron runners

 5 : Sawing proccess for carbon blocks.

6. Siphon blocks for high furnace pouring channels

Graphite Products:

Electordes and machining pieces :

Graphite raw materials.: