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We are Carbomin, a small sized, family run organisation , specializing in Graphite and Carbone parts mainly for the Metallurgical Industry

Our company was established in 1993 and we have built up a considerable knowledge about the products we process at our plant.

Our flat organization allows us to react quickly to your inquiries. Short lead times and sharp pricing.

For our production and other activities we purchase new and used graphite and carbon material in various form such as :

Used/new Graphite Electrodes

Used/new Carbon Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes pieces

Used/Surplus  Carbon blocks based on calcined Anthracite


EAF-Four electrique avec électrodes en graphite -pinces en cuivre x2000

We process and recycle graphite and carbon.


Should you need consumable Carbon or Graphite part for your industry please consult us

We will try to offer you suitable product on a timely basis and at a competitive  price.

Our core employees have collected a lot of experience in preparing and shopping the end products for our clients a.o. :

Runout slabs in Graphite and Carbon for the metallurgical industries.

Silles for electric arc furnaces

Exchangeable slabs for runout spouts

Machined Graphite and Carbon parts

Graphite guides for the extrusion of aluminum parts

Re-Machinable graphite electrodes.

Blocks , rounds, plates in carbon and graphite




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Alliages bas point de fusion Bi Sn Petite

Low melting point alloys 

We can supply the full range of Bismuth-Tin low melting point alloys and arrange for refining of the contaminate materials

Testing Equipment for Graphite and Carbon

For our own needs to measure the resistivity of Carbon and Graphite , we developed the CARBOTESTER( Resistivity tester) which we are also selling to third parties

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Testeur de résistivité 1

Copper castings and forgings

We are selling copper cooling elements for the metallurgical industries ( Ferrous and non Ferrous) from the Italian company ESART (